When A Woman Sees Her Not-Lost Cat On A ‘Lost Pets’ Page She Is Confused

Ron Weasley was supposed to be a foster cat, but he fell in love with his foster mother and declared that he would never behave for anyone else. It didn’t matter that his mother already had cats at home. Ron had picked his family and wanted to stay with them.

“While in the care of a rescue, he was transferred to the PetSmart adoption center, but he despised everyone, and I was immediately summoned back to come to collect him,” Ron’s mother, Brandi Schmidt, told The Dodo. “‘Don’t bring him back… ever,’ they said. Since then, he’s been with us.”

Ron is a loving, affectionate cat, and his demeanor at the adoption facility might have been due to the fact that he had already decided on the family he wanted. He does have a proclivity for mischief, and his mother is always on the lookout for what he’ll get himself into next.

Schmidt explained, “Ron acquired his moniker because he’s extremely weasel-ly.” “It fits him since he doesn’t stop at ‘no.’” He enjoys working in the industry, and everything he does is for his benefit. We term it ‘the cat is chosen by the business.’ He’s continually getting himself into trouble. When we initially got him, he didn’t like many people, but now he’s constantly on the greeting committee when we have company.

When at home with him, he is my shadow. He has to follow me all around the house. He also has recently learned to open the cabinets and knock the entire container of Greenies cat treats off the shelf, causing the entire crew to feast and pig out on cat treats.”

Ron loves being outside, so during the day, he’s often off exploring and then lets himself back into the house once he’s done. Since he always comes back, his mom wasn’t really worried about where he was going during the day. She assumed he was just rolling around outside somewhere — when actually, Ron had gone and found himself a second family.

One day, Schmidt was going about her day when she got a text from her friend, telling her that she had seen a picture of Ron on Facebook — on a lost pets page.

Schmidt explained, “I found out he was on the missing page because a buddy sent me a screenshot.” “I never expected to see his face on the Facebook page for abandoned pets,” says the author. He’d obviously been hanging around at a neighbor’s house, and I’m sure they fed him, which I’m sure he appreciated because we were all on a diet at this house at the time.”

When Schmidt spotted Ron’s funny, cute face on the missing dogs Facebook page, she couldn’t help but giggle. In fact, it made her feel a little better. Ron has never been very good at making friends, but he’s gone a long way from being a cranky cat to having a second family. That is definitely development.

Schmidt struck up a conversation with Ron’s other mother, a neighbor, who said Ron stopped by frequently. Ron goes in like he owns the home since her kids frequently leave the door open.

His second family was ecstatic to find that he wasn’t a stray cat at all but rather had a loving family right next door. He simply enjoys stopping over to meet new people — and, of course, to acquire some extra food. That is the true source of his motivation.

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