Mother Cat Returnss To Search For Her Babiies Who Were Abandoned At The Shelter

The closest link in nature is between a mother and her child, as is widely known.

This mother cat misplaced her kittens but was determined to locate them and rejoin her family. The family has blissfully reunited thanks to the assistance of a few animal-loving pals.

Alissa Smith, co-founder of Wrenn Rescues, was recently informed of four small kittens in need of immediate assistance. Alissa phoned a local animal shelter in Downey, California, and they dispatched a team to save the cute pups.

The kittens were discovered in a suburban yard with their mother and four siblings. When the staff came, however, the mother was startled by the commotion and bolted, believing her children would be waiting for her when she returned.

The cats were saved and moved to the Wrenn Rescues group in Ventura County, California, after a lot of hard effort.

Many sweet volunteers at the shelter stepped up to the plate, fed the kittens and cared for their needs. Two of them even decided to foster the tiny kitties, and bring them home with them at the end of the day.

At the shelter, the sweet kittens were found to be completely healthy, so their mom probably took excellent care of them till they parted ways.

Since the staff accidentally scared the mother off, they believed that she wouldn’t come back and so they had to care for them.

However, the mother feline was about to turn the tables.

Meanwhile, occupants of the house where the kittens were initially discovered returned home to find the mother waiting for them in their yard. They were aware that she was searching for her children and agreed to assist her.

The resident phoned the shelter, and she was transported to a volunteer’s home, where two of her babies were fostered.

When the mother cat was placed on the floor next to her kittens, she appeared hesitant and refused to approach them. One of the helpers took one of her children and placed him beside her to assist her.

The mom cat discovered these small ones were definitely her little offspring when she was able to get a better look, so she rushed to cradle them and purr to indicate how glad she was that they were once again a complete family.

The mama cat was so happy to be with her kittens again. She fed the famished cats and held them close to her, refusing to let go.

This reunion is very unique since most cats let their babies go once they’re taken away from them. Nevertheless, this determined mom showed how much love she carries for her sweet babies.

Thankfully, the reunion was taped, and it’s a must-see. Scroll down to see the video and marvel at how far these small kittens have come in such a short time.

The shelter’s staff was overjoyed to learn about the reunion. They understand that having their mother around is the best thing for the kittens. Not only are these kittens fortunate, but it’s clear that they’re adored by many, including their now-satisfied mother.

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