The White And Black Kitten Turned Siilver And Like A Snowy Owl Whiich Is An Uncommon Effect

Ellie and her sister were 4 month old kittens when Nicole from Germany found them at a rural farm. Their condition need emergency medical attention.

“No one needed them, and they were infected with ticks and ear problems.” “It pained my eyes to look at it, so I took both of them home,” Nicole explains.

The woman had been considering buying a cat, but she had not anticipated finding cats in this manner.

From the very beginning, Ellie was incredibly affectionate and sociable. “She played a lot and sometimes behaved more like a dog than a cat,” recalls Nicole.

Nine months later, Nicole had a vague sense that something unusual was going on when she noticed a small white streak in Ellen’s black fur.

“There were no white patches in this location before.” “I believed the fluff had just adhered to her and tried to remove it, but it turned out to be her own fur,” the woman explains.

White tufts emerged here and there throughout the cat’s coat for a few more months.

Nicole took the cat to the clinic, seeking to figure out what was causing the color shift.

Ellie’s coat pigmentation was disrupted owing to vitiligo, an uncommon and non-dangerous condition.

Vitiligo occurs in about 1% of people, and in animals – cats, dogs, horses – even less often.

Pathology does not bother Ellie herself at all. Vitiligo affects only the appearance and definitely adds charm to the kitty.

Ellie developed several additional white spots a year after Nicole spotted the first unusual thread, as if she had been dusted with a non-melting snowball.

Ellie seems unconcerned about these changes and simply loves her existence.

Her demeanor is vivacious and outgoing. Her favorite hobby is mounting a door or window casement to keep a watchful eye on her family from above.

“She has the appearance of a little white owl.”

Ellie is often intrigued by Nicole’s activities and follows her about the home.

In March, the cat will turn three years old. She’s in good health, cheerful, and just as loving as she’s always been.

Ellie spent a whole year of childhood in a pretty tuxedo, but since then she really has not been recognized.

“She is very cute and her fur keeps changing every day,” says Nicole.

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