In The Hospital A Blind Cat Comforts His Sick Grandmother

Donny was discovered as a kitten wandering around a parking lot, unwell and in dire need of assistance. He was rescued by the North Shore Animal League America in New York, where employees worked tirelessly to rehabilitate him. Unfortunately, Donny’s eyes were undeveloped and useless to him, so his saviors decided to have them removed.

Donny was diagnosed with cerebellar hypoplasia, a neurological disorder that gives him significant balance challenges, not long after his operation.

The blind, shaky cat was placed in a foster home with Beth Stern, an experienced fosterer, as he awaited his permanent family. While finding a home for special needs animals might be difficult at times, it didn’t take long for the right person to come across Donny.

In March 2016, Susan Smith was surfing through Instagram when she came across a post about Donny and fell in love with him right away.

Despite the fact that she and her husband had no intention of adopting another cat, they went to meet him anyway — and when they did, they knew he was the one.

Smith told The Dodo, “He was stumbling and banging into stuff but simply continued rushing around.” “When he fell, he’d get straight back up with the most wonderful attitude I’d ever seen.”

Despite the fact that life had dealt him a double blow, he was the happiest man we’d ever encountered. It was a Friday night when I picked him up, and it was a Sunday morning when I picked him up.”

Donny’s mother could tell there was something unusual about him the moment he arrived at his new home. He’s always been the most loving, kind cat, and his family is often surprised by how laid-back and joyful he is.

Despite all that has happened to him, he appears to have no notion that he is any different, and he pushes through each obstacle that life throws at him.

“He has no awareness he’s different,” Smith explained, “so he does what everyone else does, which includes going to the highest perch on the cat tree and then tumbling off when he wants to come down.”

“That’s why I’ve got cushions and mats all over my floor.” He’s at the front window when he hears me arrive home from work, then he falls on a mat and waits by the front door.”

Donny’s mum decided to attempt registering him as a therapy cat because everyone who meets him remarks on how laid-back he is.

She knew he had the correct temperament for dealing with people and thought the position would be a good fit for him, but she had no idea how much he would like it.

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