Whiskey And Pippa Twin Kittens Prove That Adopting In Pairs May Be Perfect

Jace and Jackie, twin kittens, came to the Animal Welfare League of Arlington in Arlington, Virginia, over the summer. Whiskey and Pippa were their nicknames later on. Volunteers from the Kitten College program arrived at the rescue and began the time-consuming task of caring for the twins.

The twins, who are virtually similar, were little balls of fluff when they were born. The twins clutched to one other for support since their eyes were still opening. Jace and Jackie, like many abandoned kittens, were frail and suffering from health problems.

These kittens needed a lot of additional TLC because they were so little.

Fortunately, Lauren Strycula, one of the volunteers, was up to the task of caring for the twins’ specific requirements. Little Jace, for example, was so little that he struggled to feed himself from a bottle. Lauren had to stay up all night trying to get him to eat.

Thankfully, his sister Jackie was there to cheer him on, and he ultimately got the hang of it. As Lauren fed him from the bottle, Jace began to wiggle his ears. He and his twin sister started to thrive and gain weight at this point. Seeing the kittens grow strong together made all of the hard effort worthwhile.

What could be cuter than a single fluffy kitten? Of course, it’s twin cuddly kittens. Alexandra and Bryan felt the same thing when they saw Jace and Jackie on the Animal Welfare League’s Instagram page.

Lauren wished for the kittens to stay together, and her wish was granted. She discovered the ideal pair who had been planning for their new fur baby’s birth for weeks.

“I’ll never forget the kittens’ incredible excitement for life, their instant trust in everyone they encountered, their goofy and charming personalities, and their lovely affection for each other,” she wrote. “While my part in the twins’ journey is coming to an end, their happily ever after begins right now.”

Jace and Jackie were given new names soon after they were adopted. Jackie was renamed Pippa, while Jace was renamed Whiskey. “Ms. Pippa, Queen of the Jungle!” and “King Whiskey!” are their full titles.

Alexandra and Bryan posted a video of the twin kittens’ entrance at their new home to Instagram. They were lively and full of enthusiasm despite the fact that they needed surgery.

“Hello, everyone!” We’ve arrived at our new address. We sobbed a little in the automobile, which upset our parents, but we soon calmed down.”

Bryan enlisted the aid of some cat-specific music to keep the twin kittens calm.

“And before we knew it, they’d hopped into bed with us and nestled right up to us!” Whiskey and Pippa spent the night and this morning rotating between the two of us. “Whiskey fell asleep with his face buried in his father’s beard!” Alexandra wrote.

The kittens were rambunctiously playing together the next day, having a great time. They had quickly toured every room of the house together. On the meanwhile, they napped together, bathed each other, and sat in a window hammock, looking out the window

The twins are always together, cuddling together, frolicking, and exploring, as you can see. “Words cannot describe how grateful we are for Lauren and all of the memories she created with the twins!” the delighted family said today.

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