When A Stray Cat Made Friends With A Guy And Got His Ideal House His Life Was Flipped Upside Down

The man returned to assist a stray cat with whom he became friends, and his life was forever transformed.

Chris Poole (a zoo activist from Tampa, Florida) was out rescuing street cats and kittens when he came discovered a beaten stray cat with one eye missing. It happened at a nearby trailer park.

The cat returned to eat after saw Chris bringing food. He was acting erratically and definitely needed medical help.

“The climate on that street was highly adverse; there were numerous homeless kittens, uncastrated cats, and unsterilized animals.” Because kittens are the most fragile, I always begin with them. Similarly, when caring for the kittens, I fed the adults at the same time, and Odin arrived on a regular basis, “says Chris.

“Over the course of several days, I grew attached to him, feeding him and watching his every move.”

Chris decided to stay and have a polite discussion with the cat while he ate, hoping to gain the animal’s confidence. Odin began to relax his guard as he grew more acquainted with the man.

“I threw tuna chunks in his way one day to test how near he would let me get to him. Chris recalls, “To my joy, he ate everything and allowed us to close the gap between us.”

He finally approached Chris and bit a piece of tuna straight from his hands – exactly what the boy had hoped for. Chris reached out and caressed the woolly friend’s head after receiving the green light.

“That episode taught me that adaptability and adoption are possible.” We started working on a capture strategy, “recalls Chris.

He then contacted Chalky’s Cat Crusade founder Nicole Thompson. She responded very quickly, offering to cover all the vet’s fees as well as working with the team to socialize Odin and find him the right home.

As you may have guessed, the cute cat (called Odin) went directly into Chris’s humane trap on the ground, as if he knew he was heading to a better life.

Odin had been in excruciating anguish before to his redemption. He had his eyeball surgically removed, thorough oral care, and a variety of additional surgeries to improve his declining health. After his procedures, the beautiful youngster was doing well.

His mur-motor was overheating, and all the cat needed was attention and embraces.

Odin was cared for by volunteer June Albert during his rehabilitation. The Fuzzy is a sucker for attention and enjoys being pampered. His purr reverberates around the room.

Colin Drury, another volunteer, took the cat to his house for socializing once the physicians’ work was finished. “He spent some time with other cats, and being indoors got even more comfortable for him,” Chris adds.

Odin was finally ready for the next stage of his life after weeks of overexposure. He had no idea that his dream family had been waiting for him for a long time.

Jamie Kerne has been following Odin’s exploits on social media since the beginning. “I was smitten with him from the moment Chris shared his first snapshot. I’m at a loss for words. This is my cat, I just realized. “And as soon as the chance arrived, I filled out the adoption paperwork,” Jamie adds.

Her tabby cat, Marvel, acquired it from life before he got to Jamie, as it turned out. “I had the impression that Odin was yet another youngster in need of rescue and compassion.”

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