Four Kittens Are Rescued From Drowning By A Thai Navy Officer

Not long ago, the Internet was ecstatic over a tale of four kittens who would have perished if it hadn’t been for one man’s bravery.

Eight crew members and four kittens were trapped after a boat sank in open sea near the island of Koh Adang. The crew requested assistance, but the boat was already sinking rapidly.

Fortunately, the Thai Navy arrived just before the boat was about to capsize. The members of the crew were recovered swiftly and without incident.

One worker observed four kittens on a crane-like structure during a closer check for an oil leak, so he instantly removed his shirt, put on a vest, and plunged into the seas to save the kittens.

Just before the ship sank, he was able to do so. It could have been a disaster if he hadn’t arrived on time. Pictures of the brave gesture went viral on the internet, and the office, Thatsaphon Saii, became an international sensation.

Many people would not have swum to save the kittens, but we’re thankful he did. He put his life on the line to save them, and that makes him a man beyond all others. Check out the photos for yourself and see how the kittens fared afterwards — you’ll be melted.

Officers returned to check for an oil spill from a sinking boat and discovered four cats gathered on a crane structure.

Thatsaphon Saii, 23, stripped down to his underwear, put on a life jacket, and swam 50 feet to save the kitties.


As the boat sank swiftly and fire spread throughout the vessel, time was of the essence.

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