After Spending Her Entire Life On The Street The Cat Gave Birth To Eight Kittens In The House

Celeste, a tortoiseshell cat, gave birth to many broods on the street before arriving to the Oregon Friends of Shelter Animals. She was back on the ground and covered with fleas when they discovered her.

“Celeste has lived on the street all her life before she came to me. Most of the time she was a cat mom, which was not good for her health, says Angela, a volunteer for overexposure . “She came to our shelter with her three-month-old kittens, and was already pregnant with the next litter.”

A few days later, the kitty gave birth to a large brood. For overexposure, Angela took them to her, and Celeste officially ended her street life.

Celeste was a little hesitant at first, immediately after arriving at her temporary home, because everything was new to her.

Celeste, on the other hand, saw her humans favorably because of plentiful food, a cozy nest, and that wonderful feeling they get when they scratch their heads. She even asked for attention by rubbing her forehead against her adoptive mother.

For the first time in her life, she was able to raise kittens in a safe and secure environment.

Angela arrived to see whether Celeste had refreshed herself and what further could be done to make her life simpler because the kids didn’t allow her get bored day or night.

“Being a mother of eight is a full-time job. Angela describes her mother as “a loving, caring mother to her children.”

Celeste’s kittens were constantly bathed and combed thoroughly from head to toe. She laid on her side for as long as it took each of her pups to finish their meal.

Kittens developed at a breakneck pace. They spent more and more time away from the nest as they grew older, becoming more lively and adventurous.

Celeste kept an eye on them at all times, sprinting to their aid whenever she heard weeping. She kissed their faces with tenderness and met all of their wants.

Celeste was finally able to relax a little and recall that she is a cat now that her babies are more independent.

“She loved to lie in the sun and bask in the rays, greeting me sweetly every morning and reaching out to receive my caresses,” Angela adds.

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