Cat Identified in Basement 20 Years After She Was Abandoned

A unidentified cat has been relying on the compassion of the people who reside in the New York City apartment complex where she was left behind since her owners moved out. Her owners abandoned her in 1997, according to the superintendent, which is 20 years ago.

The senior cat has spent the past two decades alone in the building’s basement, with no access to sunshine or fresh air.

Anita Diamantopoulou, a video editor at The Dodo, moved into the apartment complex earlier this year and discovered the cat in the basement.

“I would go and give her food and pet her,” Diamantopoulou told The Dodo. “She is super friendly and loves head rubs!”

Diamantopoulou was adamant about getting the cat, whom she affectionately refers to as Granny, out of the building. She brought Granny to a veterinarian, who administered immunizations and performed blood tests on her.

Granny is really frail. She is also lacking the majority of her teeth. She still enjoys eating, drinking water, and having her face rubbed.

Despite the fact that she was abandoned two decades ago, she is a very affectionate person. This adorable kitty has no intention of returning to the basement.

Diamantopoulou, on the other hand, already owns a cat and is unable to accept another. As a result, she set out to find a remedy for Granny.

Fortunately, a friend decided to foster Granny and, if all goes well, adopt her. So, over the weekend, Diamantopoulou welcomed Granny into what was likely the cat’s first home in 20 years.

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