An Embarrassing Facial A Rescue Cat Can’t Find a Home Because of Mark

Many animals, including cats, are born with strange and odd patterns on their hair. These marks are sometimes so adorable that they play an important part in the adoption procedure.

Sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn’t. Daisy, the cat, is a good example. She has an unsightly blemish on her fur that is preventing her from being adopted.

Daisy, a 9-year-old ragdoll cat, is as lovely as they come. Most adopters think she’s ideal on paper, but her phallus-like fur mark has turned them all away so far.

Right on the money. Daisy, according to the personnel at the shelter where she is staying, is unable to find a loving home because of this.

But what are your options? Daisy’s message went viral almost immediately after it was published online.

She’s had a lot of possible adopters, but they’ve all chosen against it because of the fur mark.

Despite the scar, she is a sweet and affectionate cat, and we hope she gets the family she deserves soon.

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