After Their Families Are Adopted Without Them Kiittens Console Each Other

Neo, a small gray kitten, connected with Eenie, another cat who came up in the shelter after his newly homeless mother gave birth to him in a shelter. At the time, they were only a few weeks old.

After that, both kittens were fortunate enough to find foster homes. Neo went to one foster family with two of his siblings, while Eenie went to another.

Marjorie Royal, the regional coordinator for Animal Allies of Texas, told The Dodo, “Neo was being fostered with two of his siblings.” “His siblings were all adơрted at the same time, leaving Neo behind.”

When Neo’s foster mother put the other two kittens into the carrier to take them to their new home, Neo started crying. And he couldn’t stop.

He cried all day and tried to snuggle with the arm of his foster mom, as though it was another kitten.

There was probably only one way to persuade Neo to stop weeping, rеscuеrs realized.

Royal explained, “A great volunteer family traveled an hour each way to get Eenie to be with tiny Neo.”

People weren’t sure if Eenie and Neo would remember each other when she arrived at Neo’s foster home. “They hadn’t seen one other in a long time,” Royal explained. “When cats are put together, they usually hiss at each other at first. We weren’t sure it would work because they had been apart for a while.”

Between Neo and Eenie, however, there was no hissing at all. They immediately began playing when they spotted one other. “They connected quickly, and there was no more weeping,” Royal added. Then they cuddled close to one other and fell asleep cuddling.

“Animals indeed have huge hearts and they feel pain likе everyone,” Royal said. “We want these two adơрted together. Neo is an exceptionally loving cat. He will not go through that again.”

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