When A Woman Hears A Commotion And Opens The Door She Discovers An Orphaned Animal Begging For Rescue

A woman’s attention was drawn entirely to a noise emanating from her house’s garden. Determined to learn more about what was going on, she set out to find the source of the noise, assuming it was a bird.

But he was far from imagining that it was actually a little orphan kitten in desperate need of help.

When the woman discovered it, she called Sarah Kelly, the founder of Murphy’s Law Animal Rescue in North Carolina, who gladly took on the case and offered all of the assistance she required. Sarah had this to say about it:

“She went seeking for a bird but ended up finding a cat instead.”

It was a little gray tabby kitten whose mother had abandoned it; her eyes were closed and covered in scabs owing to an illness. Despite his diminutive size, he had a strong will to live.

They wiped his small eyes with a warm compress at the rescue facility and gave him medicine to help him recuperate.

“His eyes were highly infected,” Sarah explained, “but we cleansed them in the hopes of stopping the infection in time.”

Fortunately, the creams and drops that were used produced excellent effects, and the cat, called Harvey, was able to open his eyes and restore his vision just one day after beginning therapy. The next step was to place him in an incubator to aid with his temperature regulation.

He spent many nights in an incubator with a teddy bear by his side.

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