The Kitten Expressess Her Thanks To The Staff In A Unique Way After She Was Rescued

This year, a California citizen noticed a kitten in need of assistance. Their dog walked outside and returned with the teeny-tiny ball of fur. He had been without a mother or siblings since he was a few days old.

Friends for Life Rescue Network founder Jacqueline De Amor read a post about the kitten in need of medical treatment and volunteered to take him in.

“We knew he was a warrior the moment we saw him. He raged the whole hour-long journey home, informing us that he was staying “Adam wrote the message.

Jellybean’s wound had healed in three days, and he was ready to charm his folks with his endearing eccentricities.

He would push his tongue out after each feeding, offering the prettiest “blep” as a manner of expressing his appreciation.

“He began eating larger portions after a few weeks and achieved a healthy weight. He didn’t stop drinking milk until he was approximately seven weeks old.”

Knowing how much he appreciated having a regular companion, they were pleased when a previous adơрter expressed interest in adơрting Jellybean. “We felt they were the right match after speaking with them.”

The adơрter had been watching Jellybean’s rehabilitation from the start and had fallen in love with him.

“He immediately felt relaxed.

“Jellybean is in his everlasting home with his owners and all of his new feline siblings,” Adam explained.

Jellybean is developing quite a personality now that he has numerous feline siblings to play with.

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