The Cat Have Birth To Four Chocolate And Cinnamon-Colored Kiittens

Laura Maylon, the director of Mini Cat Town (in San Jose, California), received word last month that five furry friends were in trouble. The mother cat and her four kittens were taken to the city shelter.

They haven’t been identified as to where they come from. “Given her size and sociability, I’d guess she’s been cared for by a human on a regular basis,” Laura adds, “yet her paw pads are dry, likе a cat who spends most of her time outside.”

Organization The fluffy family was promptly entrusted to Mini Cat Town. Animal rights advocates were taken aback when they discovered the kittens’ unusual fur color – chocolate or cinnamon.

“We have four daughters.” Laura adds, “Two are plainly plain, and two have white socks and white dots on their cheeks and breast.”

“The kittens’ noses and toe pads are pinkish brown, which encourages me to assume that they will not turn black likе their mother, but rather will retain their original hue.” If that’s the case, they’ll be one-of-a-kind!”

A cat of a chocolate or cinnamon shade is extremely rare. This color is the result of a mutation in the black gene. “You won’t find such cats during the day with fire, especially in shelters or with animal rights activists.”

The mother cat, Mars is a luxurious long-haired black kitty. Upon arrival, the new environment was somewhat embarrassing for her, but only until she realized that her kittens were safe.

“The first night,” Laura recalls, “she growled loudly at every rustling or movement, glared into her eyes, and remained in a protective attitude.”

“I understood a little later that she had just told me with her voice that she was terrified and felt compelled to defend the youngsters, but that she also desired human conversation and compassion.”

Over time, Mars bonded with her foster family and began accepting help with her demanding kittens (Hershey, Reese, Twix, and Baby Ruth). Standing and greeting her guardians, she began to touch with her paws.

“It looks charming – she seems to be prancing.”

Mommy’s full care and infinite affection have resulted in healthy, happy, and fat kittens. They’ve figured out how to utilize their paws and are gradually getting more lively and assertive.


“Hershey has a very large, round head. Baby Ruth is the tiniest of the bunch, with a smaller face and almond-shaped eyes. Twix has a chin that is white. Reese has a white mark under her nose, and she is usually the first at the open door, despite being the most friendly of the kittens.

Mars has evolved into a really compassionate planet. She has a lot of personalities and is full of characteristics.

“When she initially came, I got into the habit of greeting her with ‘hey Mom.’ “I wanted to get her acclimated to hearing my voice,” Laura explains.

“Now, when I go in, her head pops out of the carrier and she greets me!” Then she follows me about and rubs her legs on my legs while I prepare meals for her.

“I’d say Mars is the type of mother that likеs to keep her children little at all times, but her kittens are going to grow up!”

Kittens perform well in foster care, and their lovely chocolate brown coats do not appear to fade. As a toddler approaches puberty, he or she grows bigger, stronger, and more interested.

Outside the cradle, the sisters spend more time playing and wrestling with each other. Mommy Mars is constantly around, keeping an eye on them.

When she hears a baby scream, a responsible mother rushes over and licks their muzzles gently.

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