Soldier Returns Home To Cat, Who Can’t Wait To See His Father

The long-awaited but well-deserved reunion of a soldier and a Ragdoll cat has brought many people to tears due to their touching moment. It’s no surprise that it’s gone viral since 2014, with approximately 32 million views on Youtube.

So, what is it that makes this video so popular?

Most of us have considered that only dogs can excite and hyperactively welcome their loving people. Cats, on the other hand, are probably a lot less. However, there was a fluffy Ragdoll cat named Finners who paved the way for many souls to be conquered, particularly those of his human parents.

Watch the video here:

Nick, a man who happened to be a soldier, returned home after a long time away. He was dressed in military attire and carrying some belongings from his deployment journey in the video.

Finners the cat was meowing loudly as Nick approached the door, as if he knew who was coming. Cats are the greatest at distinguishing between the scents of humans and animals, according to science.

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