Since Going Through Some Difficult Moments Together Four Identical Rescued Cats Refuse To Be Separated

After a Good Samaritan chose to intervene and give much-needed assistance, the lives of four stray kittens were forever transformed. When the kittens were rescued and sent to Salem Friends of Felines, an animal rescue center in Salem, Oregon, they were only a few days old.

Drummer boy, Cupid, Tinsel, and Dancer were the names given to the litter of male kittens. Their caretaker gradually noticed several qualities that helped her to identify the four kittens, since they shared traits so similar that they gave the appearance that they were quadruplets. Kayla, her foster mother, had this to say about it:

“So far, I’ve observed a few differences: Tinsel is the lightest, with the slimmest face, and Drummer’s tail doesn’t come to a point, but instead ends in a square.”

The kittens did not hesitate to explore every aspect of their new temporary home when they arrived. They appeared to be a symbiotic foursome who, despite their diminutive stature, were willing to risk exploring the new world they were presenting.

They cuddled together and purred in perfect harmony at the end of the day.

They left proof of their strong relationship from the first day of their rescue, which likely became stronger with the passage of time.

Her foster mother rapidly realized that kittens performed practically everything together, and that whatever one did set an example for the others to follow. They had become so entwined that they napped together.

These four kittens also exhibited great devotion for their foster mother, rushing out to greet her and softly begging her to pamper them as soon as she entered the room.

Kayla takes a seat one at a time until she finds the ideal spot to cuddle up and enjoy all the attention her mother provides.

When one of the kittens climbs into Kayla’s lap, the others quickly follow. Kayla had this to say about it:

“Tinsel is a great way to get people’s attention. He becomes envious if you do not offer him your whole attention. It’s very cute! He like hanging out in my jacket.

Drummer enjoys leaning against my shoulders. When you’re there, it’s your happy spot. Cupido and the dancer are constantly together.”

Thankfully, these cute quartet will not have to face another day on the streets. They are now able to enjoy all of their mother’s attention. With their pranks and unconditional devotion, they continue to develop and conquer everyone.

Kayla observed, “They do practically everything together and love to hug.”

Although they are no longer babies, they are still inseparable, of all the things they enjoy doing they show great fascination when it comes to arm in arm with Kayla .

They love being indoor cats, they enjoy eating and playing with all the toys you have around the house, and of course, they love having human attention .

Kayla finds it really rewarding to see the four kittens grow up and to experience firsthand the lovely friendship that has existed between them since the beginning.

He likes to have them on his lap and listen to them purr while they sleep in his arms. It’ll only be a matter of time before the kittens mature and can be adopted.

These kittens have a lot of love to give. We are certain that you will find the ideal family to welcome you home and that you will be able to continue to share and adore each other as you have done so far.

Thank you so much to those that take the risk of being a light and love bridge in the lives of our most vulnerable canine companions.

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