The Pregnant Cat Is Grateful That Someone Found Her Before It Wass Too Late And Rescued Her

Claire from Montreal, Canada, discovered a small kitten beneath her car two months ago on her way to work – she wasn’t sure if it was a tie or not. However, when she returned to the same location at noon, she saw her standing alone on the corner.

The cat was timid, but when Claire approached, she didn’t flee because she wanted to be assisted.

The girl took it carefully in her hands and returned to the office, where she found a quiet place. After having some food and water, the sweet kitten was finally able to unwind and rest.

Later that day, Claire asked the neighbors if anyone had Iơst a cat. Several people said they had seen her roaming the area before, but that was about it.

By evening, Claire realized that there was no one to take care of the cat except her.

She brought her to the veterinarian first.

They didn’t locate a microchip, but they did discover a pleasant surprise: the patient was expecting a child. The vet discovered three babies in her stomach.

Adrian, a Claire friend, offered to adơрt the cat for a while and contacted Chatons Orphelins Montréal, a local animal rights organization.

“Adrian volunteered to take the cat so she could give birth in peace.” Celine Krom of Chatons Orphelins Montréal believes she was given the name Lukovka.

The multicolored feline rapidly found her feet and fell in love with her new surroundings. She had Iơst her fear and fearlessly strode about the room, pipe in hand, gripping her tail.

She began seeking attention and love from her bipedal pals soon after her housewarming. “From the first night, she began purring and seemed completely at ease with her foster home.”

On October 2nd, Adrian heard a continuous meow from the cat’s room. “Lukovka called her foster dad because she went into labor,” Celine explains. “During this period, she wanted to have someone she trusts next to her.”

By nightfall, the cat had given birth to three beautiful, healthy kittens (with extra fingers), named Minichi, Arbok and Mary.

Onion did not take a single step away from the children, and she even forgot to eat, so Adrian gave her food and drink. The devoted mother fell asleep in the circle of her children after finishing an entire platter of pate.

She purrs loudly, stretches and fingers in delight as she feeds her kittens.

Polydactyl kittens matured and showed their characters.

They snatched the owners’ bed and rushed about the room as if it were their personal property.

“The foster father looks after them well.”

“Arbok (red and white) is a curious creature who enjoys frolicking and exploring everything. Minichi (tricolor) is a spunky but calm cat. Red Mary is the calmest of the group and enjoys climbing on anything.”

“The kittens are already 5 weeks old,” Celine explains, “and they are healthy and fat.”

“They gradually learn to feed on their own, but they do not deny themselves the pleasure of sipping mother’s milk during the day.”

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