Baby Mars The Kitten That Chose To LIve Whoever Saved Hiim

The small child and his brothers were discovered on the streets of Montreal. Immediately after being rescued, the volunteers transported them to a shelter where some volunteers could care for them 24 hours a day.

Because this was just the help they needed: persevere. Baby Mars was originally cared after and fed by a volunteer named Jess, who came every two hours.

The kittens, in reality, were yet to be weaned. So, after several trying days, they eventually deemed them safe.

And this is when Coralie comes in, the lucky girl who was meant to escort him home.

She looked after him, warmed him up, and only took him to her house. She was meant to keep him until the volunteers could find him a permanent family.

But, in the interim, the two have developed a really strong and personal friendship. He nestled up against her and slept peacefully, at peace with the world and with himself, just after she ate.

So when Baby Mars managed to earn the longed-for independence, it was time to put him up for adoption. However, Coralie now knew she could not part with him and Baby Mars happily agreed with her.

The tough little kitty eventually achieved what he wanted, and he may now live with his beloved Coralie indefinitely.


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