A 28 pound Cat Who Was Abandoned At A shelter Just Received The Most Wonderful Surpriise

Donut was given to the Jacksonville Human Society about a week ago after its owner was forced to give it up. She was upset but hoped the shelter would be able to find him the best new home possible. Everyone in the shelter was confused when Donut first came in, as while he is a conventional cat in most respects, he has an extraordinary, extremely strange feature: he weighs 28.6 pounds.

The employees at the shelter aren’t sure how Doughnut got to be so heavy. All his previous mother told them was that he enjoys eating and that his eating habits had gotten out of hand at some time. Doughnut’s ideal weight would be approximately 13 to 15 pounds, and the shelter workers recognized that whoever adopted him would have to be committed to assisting him with his weight reduction.

Doughnut took a bit to come out of his shell since he was baffled as to why he had landed up at the shelter and what was going on with him. He eventually bonded with all of his new shelter buddies, revealing himself to be the kindest fat cat on the block.

“He was obviously distressed when he initially arrived to us since he was in a new area,” Layendecker said. “We named him something sweet since we knew he was a lovely kitten underneath it all.” His gentleness began to shine as he settled down, and he began to demand strokes and chin rubs from the staff.”

Doughnut changed into a funny man who enjoyed posing for photographs and playing around with anyone who was willing to hang out with him after he warmed up to his new environment and came out of his shell.

Staff at the shelter weren’t sure how long it would take to find Doughnut a home because his new family would have to be dedicated to helping him lose weight and live a healthier lifestyle — but only days after he arrived, the perfect family fell in love with him, and Doughnut is now happily settled in his new forever home.


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