After 11 Years A Missing Cat Is Reunited With Hiis Owner In New York

A cat who had been lost for 11 years was reunited with his family last week thanks to the tireless efforts of an animal shelter employee. Carol O’Connell is the worker’s name, and she works at the Dutchess County SPCA in New York.

Carol said that she noticed a stray cat roaming around outside her house, and it took her three years to get close enough to pet the stray cat. And on a whim, she checked to see if he was micro-chipped. She borrowed a scanner from the shelter and found that the cat was micro-chipped.

“Every year he returned to my house, he became worse and worse, and that’s when I knew either someone had abandoned him, he was just missing or lost, or he was simply a wild cat,” O’Connell said. “He started coming around a little bit more in the mornings this spring, so I started working harder to earn his confidence.”

The chip helped O’Connell to discover the identity and owner of the stray cat. “We were able to find the owner, Maggie Welz, using information from the chip, and learned the cat had been lost for 11 years!” the SPCA reported.

Maggie Welz had been without her pet kitty Tiger for over a decade, so when he showed up in New York, she was overjoyed. Tiger reunited with his mother Maggie after being examined and given a clean bill of heart.

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