A Stray Cat Takes Her Baby To The Emergency Room For A “Check-Up”

Merve zcan was in the Kanuni Sultan Süleyman Hospital in Istanbul waiting for her father when she noticed an unusual patient stroll into the waiting room.

A stray cat came in the hospital corridor, her baby in her jaws, and boldly proceeded along the corridor.

The cat seemed to know precisely where she was heading, which zcan could tell. “When I saw her, I was really shocked since she seemed to know [the hospital] better than I did,” zcan told The Dodo. “She had to know where she was going.”

zcan was anxious about her father, who went in for a follow-up test after recovering from COVID-19. The small animal and her youngster, however, quickly brought the stressful situation to a halt.

The hospital employees were ecstatic to meet the cat and took a break to play with her and her baby.

“The medical staff was equally overjoyed to see the kitten and cat, and ran up to them to adore and care for them,” zcan stated. “I believe it was a cat that staff were familiar with, and there were witnesses.”

Thankfully, the cat was not in need of medical help, and her kitten looked to be in good health. The new mother had merely discovered where she might get milk and pets.

“Her kitty wasn’t sick,” zcan said, “but she wanted to stand there.” “She stood securely next to them as the physicians cared for her and her baby.”

On Monday, zcan took a few photographs of the pleasant visit and shared them on Twitter, where they quickly went viral. As a cat owner, zcan was delighted to see the tiny family get such loving attention. “In my nation, cats are really common,” zcan said. “However, seeing such a thing in the emergency room for the first time startled me.”

In Turkey, stray cats are numerous and are often fed by local populations. However, stray animals have been struggling since eateries have been closed due to the quarantine.

The Turkish government has advised local governments to increase their efforts to feed stray cats and dogs in order to keep citizens off the streets.

After giving the kitten a cursory examination, the staff recommended that the kitten be sent to a veterinarian just to be cautious. The mother cat, on the other hand, appeared unwilling to abandon her guardians. “The two were still there when we departed, proudly standing among the cops,” zcan stated.

It simply goes to show that doctors are delighted to treat everyone who walks through the door, no matter how busy they are right now.

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