A Stray Cat ‘Begs’ To Be Let Inside The House So She May Give Birth To Her Kittens

When Salami, a stray cat, decided it was time to deliver her kittens, she ran to the only place she knew she’d be safe: her mother.

After observing Floreak’s cat hanging out on the backyard stoop, Salami began visiting Ida Floreak’s house in the early fall of last year.

Floreak, a New Orleans-based painter, told The Dodo, “She came by and she really loved him.” “They’d sniff around each other, and she seemed to be more interested in him than he seemed to be in her.” It was obvious that she had come to visit him, which was wonderful.”

Floreak began placing food out for Salami, and the little black cat soon began to appear at her door every morning, meowing. Salami was excited about the free supper, but she was wary about Floreak.

The small black cat then began to develop a tummy. Floreak explained, “My aim was to be able to take her in to get mended and vaccinated.” “But she was clearly pregnant before she was comfortable enough for that.”

Salami began to spend more time near Floreak throughout her pregnancy, letting herself to be handled and rubbed. Salami then arrived earlier than usual one morning in early April.

“She came by at 5 a.m. and was squeaking quite loudly in an out of character manner,” Floreak added. “So I allowed her in, and about 8 or 9 a.m., she started having her kids.”

“I was startled since I imagined I wouldn’t see her for a couple of weeks once she got them,” she continued.

Floreak had just enough time to put out blankets and make her bedroom quiet when Salami suddenly gave birth to two kittens. Salami seemed content, and Floreak assumed that she had finished delivering her babies.

Floreak was on a Zoom conversation with friends later that night when Salami gave birth to two additional little kittens. Floreak said, “I was really nervous since I had never seen or done anything like this before.” “However, it was evident from watching her that she understood precisely what she needed to accomplish. It was a harrowing experience.”

Floreak’s other cat appears to have adjusted to the new normal, but he is eager for the kittens to be adopted. “He misses having the freedom of the home and isn’t used to the kittens,” she says “Floreak explained. “He and Salami, on the other hand, are still getting along.”

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