Even If A Cat Is Born With Just Two Legss It May Live A Typical Cat Life

Rooks, a kitten, was born with only two hind legs because to a birth defect. She had a rough time in her life. Rooks was placed in a shelter in New Orleans because she was unable to litter her feces. She hoped to find a permanent, loving home there.

Jackie, who works at a nearby veterinary clinic that partnered with the shelter where the kitten was given, then examined her. She took it to her right away and named the cat Little Bunny Sue Rooks Hendrickson Dean Aiki.

After the cat had settled into her new home, the new mistress learned that she lived exactly like any other cat and that nothing in the world could deter her from doing so.

Rooks has not only shown that she can live a normal life, but through the media, she has spread her joy all over the internet.

She has a dedicated page on Instagram, which has an impressive number of followers – more than 319 thousand of them.

This is a video showing Rooks in action

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