A Woman Grants The Sole Wish Of A Seniior Stray Cat

A few months ago, a brokenhearted 6-year-old cat came to the Animal Humane Society in Minnesota. He was discovered in poor health, with numerous scars, chipped and broken teeth, a bad eye from a previous injury, and even FIV, which is similar to HIV in cats!

Despite having had such a difficult past, Bruce has been a trooper in the face of adversity. We’ll never know what happened to him, but we do know that he’s one of the loveliest cats the shelter has ever seen.

Bruce is so amazing that the staff chose to call him Bruce Willis, and they wanted for the furball to find a perfect home, much like the actor.

Despite his cuteness, kind heart, and loving nature, Bruce had a tough time finding a forever family. Due to his many medical issues, a lot of potential adopters turned him down; they just didn’t want to take that much responsibility on their shoulders.

Bruce tried the best he could: whenever someone passed by his cage at the shelter, the adorable feline started to purr and dance in glee, hoping that this time will be the last. However, for the longest time, it seemed like Bruce might stay at the shelter for the rest of his life.

The crew decided to do something extra for Bruce on International Cat Day, August 8th, and posted his tale on Facebook. Sandra, a young woman, came across the article and fell in love with the lovely kitten right away.

Sandra lived in a leased flat, and her landlord would not allow her to bring her dogs in. Nonetheless, she got the feeling that Bruce was meant to be hers, and all she had to do now was go to the shelter and meet him.

Sandra entered the furball’s cage and saw one of the saddest looks she’d ever seen, making it difficult for her to leave him there.

Sandra had no option but to gather up the shards of her wounded heart and leave the shelter, despite her regrets.

She couldn’t keep Bruce all to herself, but she sincerely hoped he’d find a permanent family soon. She was certain that someone, just like her, would fall in love with him in no time.

The kind woman kept visiting the shelter’s website for updates on Bruce, hoping to find out if he had been adopted. She was disappointed to realize that there was no positive news as she checked every day.

Sandra discovered on the website one day that Bruce had contracted an upper respiratory illness and was not feeling well. Sandra was disappointed by the news.

Despite his weakened immune system, the cat healed beautifully and regained his health. It was clear that he had a strong personality.

Sandra had gotten connected to the little kid and continued to see him even though he had fully recovered. Even before she adopted him, she recognized she was dedicated to him and knew she had to have him no matter what.

Determined Sandra called her landlord and requested permission to bring Bruce home. She emailed him a snapshot of himself and told him how much he meant to her.

The landlord couldn’t say no to those gorgeous eyes and let her bring the cat into her rental home. Sandra was pleased to say the least.

Sandra says that the sweet furball loves to purr as a habit and follows her around wherever she goes, and she loves it. The new cat owner admits that Bruce is actually a purring machine; he purrs so loud all the time, that whenever the duo goes to the vet, he can’t hear the cat’s heartbeat.

Bruce and Sandra became fast friends, and they now spend every waking hour together.

When Sandra sits on the sofa, Bruce rushes over to snuggle and play with her. She enjoys the two of them together and hopes that they will always be as close and spend a lot of quality time together.

Bruce’s entire story was captured on camera, and it is a must-see. The sweet cat has had a difficult existence, and it’s heartwarming to watch him finally receive his happily ever after.

Bruce has grown to be rather protective of his human mother over time. He’ll attempt to call for assistance if she’s in the shower, for example, since he fears she’s drowning.

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