Fleas Had Infested The Kittens They Were Denied By Mom But Not By Good People

Two little kittens in North Bergen, New Jersey, were whimpering beside a warehouse.

Warehouse employees began feeding a pregnant street cat some time ago, and they soon learned she had abandoned her children.

The cat had been expected to return, but this did not happen. The warehouse workers then sought assistance from animal rights campaigner Atina.

And the youngsters were in desperate need of assistance! The kittens’ tiny bodies were entirely coated with fleas, and it’s amazing they were still moving.

And the kittens are presently suffering from overexposure.

They are quite fond of each other, and they explore the home together with great pleasure.

They are content from sunrise to sunset. One day, their lives will be even better since they will be given permanent owners.

They are no longer bothered by fleas or other difficulties.

They’ve got a promising future ahead of them!

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