When Her Father Asks A Question Cat Learns To Say ‘OK’

Akkodha has always been a docile cat, answering “OK” to practically every inquiry her father poses.

When Dan Spano and his wife brought Akkodha home from the humane society in 2006, they found she was chatty. Her former owners had returned Akkodha to the shelter because her fur was “too long.” Akkodha, on the other hand, was ideal for her new family.

“She has her chirps and meows, and she always talks to me when I wake up,” Spano told The Dodo.

Spano began conversing with Akkodha as if she were a human, and the two had pleasant exchanges. Then Spano noted that when he asked Akkodha a question, she seemed to respond with a “OK.”


When Akkodha isn’t conversing with her father, the now 15-year-old cat just wants to be near her family and receive some affection. Spano described her as “extremely loving.” “As soon as I sit down in my chair after coming home from work, she’s on my lap.” She’s usually following me around, pressing her hand against your leg in the hopes of getting pets.”

“I can’t fathom not having a cat, especially one like her,” Spano remarked. “She’s like a family member.” She’s never grouchy or angry with you; instead, she’s always pleased and looking forward to seeing you when you get home. It’s really a wonderful sensation.”

And Akkodha is quite OK with that.

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