Until A Woman Saw His Facebook Post A 26 Year Old Cat Had Nowhere To Go

When his owner grew ill and could no longer care for him, Thomas was surrendered to a shelter. The employees at Baltimore County Animal Services began hunting for a rescue to take him in as soon as he arrived.

Because Thomas was 26 years old, they believed he was a little more than they could manage.

Senior cats between the ages of 10 and 13 had a hard time finding homes, but at 26, the shelter felt Thomas’ prospects of finding a home were limited to none. Few people are ready to take on a cat that elderly, especially given the medical issues cats frequently suffer.

The shelter realized it would be difficult to find a rescue that would accept him, but they began advertising him nevertheless, and before long, the right woman observed him and felt she could help.

Laura Cassiday, webmail administrator and avid foster mom with Animal Allies Rescue Foundation (AARF), saw a post about Thomas and was immediately intrigued, especially since he was around the same age as her.

She knew the super senior would have a hard time finding anyone willing to take him, and knew right away what she had to do.

Cassiday described him as “certainly a crotchety old guy.” “He despises popularity and celebrity and wishes to be left alone.” I can’t say I blame him. Food is his one genuine love. I’m feeding him as much as he wants because I think he deserves it at 26.

He enjoys being handled and will occasionally play with toys, but this old dude’s main interests are resting and eating.”

Cassiday has absolutely no idea how much time she’ll have with Thomas — but whether it’s a month or a couple of years, she’s so grateful for the time they’ll get, and is just happy to know that she and AARF were able to save his life.

Cassiday observed, “I feel like an average person caught in an incredible situation.” “I did what anyone else would have done in my thoughts.” I observed an animal in need of assistance and knew I could help, so I did.”

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