For Days A Cat Who Lost Two Owners Was Too Sad To Eat

Samara the cat has already fallen in love and lost – not once, but twice.

Her life was flipped upside down for the first time in 2016 when her loving owner died and her family abandoned her at a crowded Michigan shelter.

“They have a very high death rate since not many rescues get to this facility,” Sasha Oza, executive director of Michigan Cat Rescue, told The Dodo. “However, Nancy [Hutchinson, head of Michigan Cat Rescue], will go there as soon as she is able to retrieve animals from there.”

Hutchinson’s gaze rested on Samara during a chance encounter.

“She was just eight months old at the time, and she was supposed to be killed,” Oza explained. “So we grabbed her and dragged her to safety.”

Samara didn’t have to look long for a new home – and a nice one at that.

Samara enjoys playing with toys and chasing her own tail, but she seeks attention most of all.

“She’s as pleased as she can be right now,” Oza added. “She’s a very, very lovely kitten,” said the owner.

“Perhaps her experience has made her more attached to others because she’s afraid of people abandoning her,” Oza speculated. “Every time we see her, she’s right there with us.” She desires to be with us at all times. If we aren’t petting her, she will express her want to be pet.”

Samara is ready for a new home now that she’s feeling better, but Oza and the Michigan Cat Rescue crew want to make sure she gets the appropriate family.

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