After Being Rescued From The Street The Kitty Insists On Sitting On Every Incoming Knee

Following his rescue from the street, the kitty insists on sitting on every incoming knee.

In late June, Jamie Orozco, a Los Angeles homeowner, heard the faint echoes of a cat sobbing. She tried to locate the source of the noise but was unable to do so. The kitten’s meowing again a few days later, and this time Jamie could plainly hear him and understood he was close.

She discovered a small fluffy on the porch stairs, all alone, after scouring the area. Jamie lent a helping hand to the cat since he lacked a mother and a place to call home.

When Ashley Kelly, a volunteer with Wrenn Rescues, realized that the kitten required round-the-clock care, she acted quickly.

Because I have four kittens his age and he had one, I offered to take him,” says Ashley.

By the age of 6 months, the kitten (which they named Mustang Bartholomew) was half the size of the intended one. He was tiny but strong.

“He’s the sweetest kid I’ve ever met, very huggable.”

The kitten didn’t take long to wrap its paws around its foster mother and fell asleep. He was introduced to his new brothers and sisters a few days after his arrival. They hit it off right away.

“Olivia, Ophelia, Opal, and Oliver have all embraced Bartholomew as a new sibling and have already taught him cat knowledge,” Ashley explains.

A kitten from beneath the porch will never have to worry about food or a place to sleep again. For kindness and warm knees to sleep, he will always have pals.

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