Kitten Clings To Sanitation Workers Who Saved Him Barely In Time From The Rubbish

A small kitten clings to two sanitation workers who saved him from a rubbish bag; owing to his many meows, he now lives in a very pleasant household.

For William Montero and John Kase, employees of the New York Department of Sanitation, last Monday appeared like any other day. They heard a succession of meows as they went about their regular routine in Queens, scooping up rubbish bags and tossing them into the back of the truck.

Both employees assumed the incessant meowing emanating from a rubbish bag was coming from an abandoned animal. When they unzipped the bag to investigate, they discovered a little kitten who was terrified, his heart was racing, and he needed assistance.

Someone had put him in a rubbish bag and left him on the pavement, but he was saved just in time due to the employees. They were taken aback and proceeded to rummage through the trash for additional cats to ensure there were no more abandoned ones.

They didn’t find another stray animal after examining the truck’s compactor for a time, which made their day a little easier.

The small kitten was a little scared about the process, but she was relieved to be in the hands of the workers. The two friends attempted to transfer the small cat in a cardboard box, but it invariably climbed or crawled out.

They then informed Noah’s Ark Animal Rescue of the kitten’s plight, and the shelter quickly chose to assist them and took the kitten in.

Hopper was around 10 weeks old when he arrived at the shelter, and he had an upper respiratory infection, according to the shelter.

Hopper received the medical care he required to overcome his health issues before being placed in a loving foster family.

The kitten began his recuperation with a caring family and is making steady progress in his new home. Hopper is on the mend thanks to the efforts of sanitation personnel and volunteers at the rescue center.

Williams continued, ”

“We simply did what any regular human being would do.”

Workers decided to pay a visit to Hopper and provided him a bed and supplies in order to keep him comfortable until they could find him a permanent home.

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