Mom Turned Down The Kitten Twice But He Was Rescued From The Cold At The Last Minute

Caroline Grace, a foster volunteer at Saving One Life, was notified of a newborn kitten last month. The child, who was only a day old at the time, was in desperate need of a nanny, and a compassionate guy called Brent brought him to the shelter.

Brent feeds the local wild cats on a daily basis. He rushed to create a shelter for her and the babies after discovering one of the cats had given birth.

“One of the kittens was lost when mum was transporting them to the shelter. Caroline adds, “Brent anticipated her to return for the crying infant, but she didn’t.”

The guy then placed the kitten in the nest with his mother and other kittens, only to be astonished when the mother cat returned with him. “She abandoned the baby on several occasions, leaving him shivering in the cold.”

Brent felt he needed to intervene at that point and took the cat into the heat. After that, I reached out to animal rights advocates. “Newborn kittens are quite delicate,” Caroline explains, “and the kitten came to me already hypothermic and dead.”

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