A Stray Cat Arrives On The Windowsill Asking To Be Let In

Every day for nearly a year, a stray tabby called Carlton came to the same window. A young adolescent who lived in the residence noticed him and offered everything she could spare to the hungry cat during his visits.

It was evident as Carlton began entering the home that he was eager for a simpler existence.

The adolescent then found a laceration behind Carlton’s ear after hearing him cry outside in May. She knew she couldn’t abandon such a sweet cat on the street, especially while he was crying for help at the window.

As a result, she and her sister sought assistance from Little Wanderers NYC.

Then, in May, the teenager heard Carlton crying outside and noticed a laceration behind his ear. She knew she couldn’t leave such a friendly cat on the street — especially when he was coming to the window begging for help.

So she and her sister reached out to Little Wanderers NYC for help.

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