A Famished Stray Kitten Begs For Food From A Passing Stranger But Instead Finds A Warm Home Companions And A Lot Of Affection

On his way home, the good-hearted man heard a cat whimper. A skinny kitten jumped out to meet him, screaming desperately and begging for food.

The guy could not leave the animal in trouble.

In early December, Bram Asunción was walking home from Manila, the capital of the Philippines. Suddenly he discovered a lone ginger cat among the water pipes, off the road.

“When he heard passing automobiles, he meowed loudly and flinched. Bram’s wife, Cathy Castro-Asuncion, describes him as “extremely unclean and incredibly hungry.”

Bram approached the cat, who immediately saw him, rushed up to him, and began to meow at the top of his lungs. “I think he knew that the presence of a person must mean the imminent appearance of food. So when my husband picked him up, he didn’t resist.”

The kitten was extremely hungry, but could not contain much food because his stomach was full of worms.

“That was the main problem, if you do not take into account his extreme emaciation and thinness. One of the kitten’s eyes had a reddish tint, but everything went without medical intervention within three days, ”says Katie.

The parents took the infant to the veterinarian, who carefully cleansed him and treated him for worms. The camelina’s health has returned to normal in a matter of days.

He was given the name Callan. The scrawny youngster became tremendously lively, playful, and naughty within a week.

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