A Woman On A Walk Meets The World’s Saddest-Looking Cat

He’s got it down pat — perhaps even better than that.

But you wouldn’t know it by glancing at this adorable kitty’s face.

Floriane Lavellan was out on a stroll with her mother in a peaceful, well-to-do suburb in Belgium when she noticed someone. A plump orange cat she’d never seen before sat in a secluded yard all alone himself.

Lavellan had to take a second look.

“At first I thought I hadn’t seen right,” Lavellan told The Dodo.

There was something peculiar about this cat’s face.

He looked super bummed out.

“I had never seen a cat who looked THAT sad before,” Lavellan said. “He just stood there, looking at us.”

Lavellan tried to lure him closer to pet him, but after a few moments, the kitty turned and strutted out of sight — but not before she snapped photos of his dear, dour mug.

Of course, Lavellan recognized that the cat wasn’t genuinely unhappy; that sad-looking grimace was plainly just his natural visage. It did, however, pull at her heartstrings. Lavellan is hoping to run across him again.

“The cat appeared to be well-fed and in good health.” I have a soft place for ginger kitties, so I’ll be on the lookout for this one. “I’ll absolutely attempt to see if he wants to be petted,” Lavellan said, adding, “I’ll surely try to see if he wants to be petted.”

“I suppose I wouldn’t be able to resist saying (or two) ‘It’s going to be OK’ if I saw that expression up close!”

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