Two Blind Kittens Were Discovered In A Woman’s Yard Completely Inseparable

Two cute kittens were discovered hanging around in a woman’s backyard in Sydney, Australia, utterly inseparable.

She realized they both had weird eyes when she tried to feed them.

Inner City Strays stepped in to aid after the compassionate woman sought out to local organizations for assistance.

Despite being at capacity, Diana Dammery of Inner City Strays couldn’t say no to the kittens. She was well aware that the twins required quick assistance.

The twins, named Stevie and Isaac, had deformed eyelids that turned inward and rubbed against their eyes. Isaac had ulcers on his eyes while Stevie was left completely blind. A trip to the vet determined surgery was needed as they were at high risk of infection. The surgery went well, and Isaac was able to keep one good eye.

“Less than 24 hours after their big surgeries Stevie and Isaac started playing likе nothing ever happened,” the rеscuе said.

Those two are inseparably linked. Stevie leans heavily on his brother Isaac for direction and support because he is fully blind. Isaac rushes to Stevie’s aid if she cries!

You’d never guess Stevie and Isaac were blind and partially blind cats as they grew stronger. They can see and play likе any other cat by using their other senses!

They were later discovered by a young couple who fell in love with them right away. They took them in as their everlasting family!

The brothers have changed their names to Buddha and Mogwai, and they’ve launched a cute Instagram account. Look at them now, it’s been a year since they were rеscuеd.

“We adore them,” their eternal humans reported. “We consider ourselves quite fortunate to have discovered them. They are breathtakingly gorgeous and provide us with an infinite supply of affection. We had desired cats for a long time, but we never imagined we’d end up with such lovely animals.”

“The narrative of Stevie and Isaac is one of survival, perseverance, and brotherly love. Their handicap has had no detrimental influence on their quality of life “According to the rеscuе, “This couple taught us so much, and they will always have a special place in our hearts.”

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