This Homeless Cat Was Born With The Best Mustache You’ve Ever Seen

When Pavlova arrived at a family’s home and they learned she was a stray, they began to look after her from afar. The shy cat wouldn’t allow anyone get too near to her, but they fell in love with her nevertheless and only wanted to do what was best for her.

In a news statement, Tracy Deamer, an animal welfare inspector with the RSPCA, stated, “A family had been feeding Pavlova for a few months and even fashioned her a wooden box shelter to sleep in when it became chilly during Christmas.” “They were concerned for her well-being, and she was taken into our custody at the end of January.”

Pavlova’s magnificent mustache was the first thing the employees at the RSPCA’s Middlesex North West & South Hertfordshire division noticed when she arrived. Her white face has black patterns that form a finely sculpted mustache, and it’s difficult not to notice her.

“Pavlova is quite striking,” Deamer added, “with the most stunning black and white coat, exquisite markings, and the most fantastic mouse-tache and goat-ee.” “We’re hoping her lovely face will assist her in finding a fantastic fur-ever home!”

Pavlova’s mustache attracts a lot of attention, but she’s still shy and needs a family that will be gentle with her as she adjusts to her new life. She’d want to live in a quiet, adult-only household with no other pets, where she may take her time acclimating to her new surroundings.

“When she first came, she was quite cautious, and it’s taking her a while to get acclimated to us and the cattery,” Deamer explained. “She is a stunning cat, but she needs a special home with owners who have experience caring for fearful animals.”

Pavlova and her mustache are really one-of-a-kinds, and her rеscuеrs are hopeful that her outgoing personality will help her find the right forever home in no time.

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