The Prodigal Son Was Discovered In The Cold On The Street And He Has Finally Been Reconciled With His Family And Mother

Melissa, the creator of Tiny but Mighty Kitten Rescue in Cornwall, Ontario, Canada, received a call about a kitten in need of immediate assistance earlier this month. In the freezing weather, a nice man took him up off the street.

“There was a cold-weather warning that evening,” Melissa adds, “so it’s a wonder the kitty was found in time.” “As soon as I got off work that evening, he was brought to me.”

She encouraged the finder to keep an eye out for the mother cat and the other kittens, as they might still be out in the cold.

When the kitten came, I didn’t inspire faith in him (nor did anybody else), so it was evident that he was most likеly born on the street. “He was around five to six weeks old and weighed about 600 grams,” Melissa recalls.

“It took him two days to gain confidence in me.” He thought it was pretty safe to explore the nursery and all of his new toys at the time.”

Having thawed in relation to people, the boy became liberated and activated the purr-motor. “He likеd having his tummy stroked and purred with pleasure.”

Two days after his arrival, Melissa was contacted by another animal rights activist, Barking Beauties Cat Rescue (in Ottawa), with unexpected news about the kitten.

Melissa recalls, “They claimed they may have my baby mom with three more babies.”

Barking Beauties Cat Rescue workers were rescuing a mother cat with four kittens hiding under a porch in Cornwall a week before the kitten was discovered. One of her kittens got away, and they couldn’t find him no matter how hard they looked.

“We kept looking for the baby, even when it became evident that we wouldn’t locate him,” Laura of Barking Beauties Cat Rescue said.

They returned the cat family to their caretakers, but they did not abandon their search for the Iơst kitten. Days passed before they learned about a kitten that had been rеscuеd from the cold and had a similar description to the one they had Iơst. “It was discovered under a parked automobile.”

Betty White’s favorite golden retriever, Pontiac, inspired the kitten’s name. As if to say, “Welcome home,” the baby walked out of the carrier and into the arms of Cleopatra, the cat-mother, who proceeded to bathe him.

His siblings (Mystique, Storm, and Nala) approached him to smell and cuddle him.

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