A Cat That Was Abandoned When Her Family Moved Has Waited 200 Days For A New Home

A family began hearing regular meowing coming from the front door shortly after moving into their new house. They noticed a thin, bewildered cat right away, and recognized she had most likеly belonged to the previous family that had lived there.

The individuals who found the sad cat, subsequently named Honey, contacted the RSPCA in the hopes of receiving assistance because she had been left behind when her family went away. Honey was sent to the RSPCA’s Stourbridge and District shelter after the RSPCA agreed to take her in.

Honey was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism after a series of standard blood tests, which explained why she was so thin. She was placed on medicine right away and is doing much better; all she needs now is a home that will adore her forever.

Honey has been in the shelter since February, and no one has shown interest in adơрting her.

“Honey has been in foster care now for over 200 days and has watched all our other cats go off to their new homes and start their new lives — she wonders why no one wants her and is now starting to become stressed and bored which is beginning to affect her mental and physical well-being,” Heather Cain, chairman for the RSPCA’s Stourbridge and District shelter, said in a press release.

The 8-year-old cat is extremely affectionate and enjoys playing with toys and receiving attention from those she cares about.

Honey has had enough of change and uncertainty after being âbаndơnеd once before, and all she wants is a home where she can be protected for the rest of her life.

Honey is up for adơрtion in the United Kingdom. She’d want to be the only pet in her new family and live in a peaceful household without little children.

She takes her thyroid medicine with her meal and has never had any issues, and the shelter is happy to assist in covering the cost of her prescription for whoever adơрts her. Honey is a low-maintenance cat who only wants a chance to show what an incredible kitty she is.

“Honey has blossomed into a loving girl and, despite being slightly older, she still enjoys a little play now and again and is young at heart,” Cain said. “She just needs a family who will love her.”

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