A Man On A Motorcycle Comes To A Complete Stop In The Middle Of The Road To Save A Little Kitten

He might have continued on his way, but instead, he came to a halt to assist.

As a result, this kitten is still living today.

Kwok Kin Wai was riding his motorbike down a busy Hong Kong highway last week when he came upon the little kitten âbаndơnеd alone in the middle of a lane. With the crushing tires of many passing automobiles all around her, she had little hope of escaping on her own.

Wai pulled over, knowing the cat was about to be hit and placed his own life on the line to savе her.

As Chinese news site Shanghaiist reports, within an hour of publishing that post, someone stepped forward to adơрt the kitten.

And with that, Wai effectively savеd her life again.


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