The Stray Kitten Enters A Man s Shop And Refuses To Leave

A few weeks ago, Dave ( Grumpy Chef Dave ) from Australia had an unusual visitor – a small stray kitten slipped into the yard through the back door and made his way into the store from there.

The little girl was convinced to stay. “I did not expect to adopt her from a cat,” adds Dave, “but she would not leave.”

“Because of all the new noises and smells that surrounded her, she appeared confused, scared, and frightened.”

After walking around for a few minutes, she approached Dave and demanded to be stroked.

“I put her on my shoulder and she immediately felt at home. She began rubbing against my ears and neck with a purr.”

The baby appeared grateful and did not want to let off of her new friend’s shoulder.

Dave gently asked her to leave the shop with him, assuming it was someone else’s kitty, but she declined.

He canvassed the neighborhood, knocking on doors and asking if anybody had lost a pet, but to no avail. The man then understood that the cat had nowhere to go and no one to turn to.

Dave went online in search of “excellent hands,” but the astute feline had other ideas.

She collapsed onto his lap and slept off. “How could such a face have anything to object to?” “She opted to stay, and how could such a face have anything to object to?” Dave expresses himself.

She’s now working full-time in our new biting and scratching section.”

The young cat (called Vandal) changed dramatically during the next three days. For the first time in her life, she went to the veterinarian and was vaccinated and microchipped.

According to the veterinarian, she is not a wild kitten, but abandoned by someone.”

She no longer has to wander the streets, her new man will always give her a shoulder to sit on and let her under the covers for the night.

She soon adjusted to her new duty as a personal inspector, in which she looks over Dave and ensures that he follows her feline orders.

When Dave is at the computer, the kitty comes over and lends a hand.

Credit: Chef Dave

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