The Kitten Was Practically Out Of Breath As It Love On The Ground But The Rescuers Arrived Just In Time

Nikki and her husband look after stray cats, feeding them and spaying and castrating them. The pair came across a defenseless kitten three months ago as a result of their actions, who meowed fiercely as if he wanted to ask for anything.

Nikki and her husband took up the baby and found two more while searching around. They were ready to depart when they noticed activity under a tree. It turned out that the fourth kitty, a girl who scarcely breathed and then squeaked barely loudly, was moving there.

This girl was the last to be born, and she was unremarkable in terms of height or physical strength. Volunteers took all of the youngsters home.

Gradually, all the kittens came to their senses, began to grow and gain weight. Everyone except for little AJ – that very weak girl. “She was anemic and didn’t eat much,” Nikki recalls.

The girl refused even her legal milk bottle, so Nikki hurried to take her to the doctor. The tests showed that the kitten has an infectious disease, which is why she is not getting better and does not want to eat.

AJ was optimistic in his recovery after obtaining the proper drugs. She even put on some weight!

“I almost sobbed when I noticed her started eating regularly!” Nikki exclaims.

The girl was completely recovered and cheered up. Her guardians were so impressed that they threw a whole feast in honor of the kitten that survived!

After a while, those who wanted to adopt EJ appeared, who, by the way, grew up and got prettier, and turned into a beautiful fluffy girl with a gentle look.

At the moment, everything is fine with her, and Nikki is not overjoyed at her beautiful pupil!

Credit:Nikki Martinez @myfosterkittens

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