The Ink Stained Kittens Are Glad To Be In The Care Of Their Rescuers

Two small kittens were discovered with ink all over them. They are presently in the care of rescuers from Bradford’s Pet Rescue.
The kittens were sent to an animal shelter after police liberated them from a private residence in Bradford. Ink was used to cover their faces.

“Here in the rescue service, we were stunned… we have dealt with numerous instances, but this is the first time for us,” the shelter’s owner posted on Facebook. (Also, “the kids weren’t participating,” Cathy said.)

Katie Jane’s Facebook photos

Carrying out water procedures, the rescuers tried to treat the kittens as gently as possible. “We’ve reached out to veterinarians for advice, and we recently contacted poison experts to learn how to safely dispose of ink,” Pet Rescue wrote on its website .

Kittens are about 4-5 weeks old.

Smurf and Shrek were their names.

They had no objections to the water processes and were appreciative for the help.

“These lovely kittens have been bathed numerous times, given bottles of milk, hugs, and are thankfully in much better health now than they were 24 hours ago,” Katie said in an updated Facebook post.

The two furry animals were relieved to be safe.
They now live with their saviors, where they know they are loved and cared for.

Credit: Pet Rescue

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