Stray Kitten Scratches Door In Search Of Help On Being Recued She Decided To Show Everyone What A Diva She Really Is

Without her mother, a cat found herself wandering across the countryside. She walked up to a family’s door and began scratching it until they spotted her and opened it. The family sought aid from a rescue organization, and the cat was given the name Eleven (maybe a reference to Stranger Things?)

Eleven was sent to Chantos Orphelins Montréal, where she stunned everyone with her diva demeanor. She grabbed everyone’s attention as soon as she walked in and didn’t leave them alone for a second.

She started clawing the door to rejoin her human buddies every time she wanted to open it. She’d keep hitting the metal bars in an attempt to attract attention. The rescue team had no choice but to let her go and allow her the freedom to explore the area.

While roaming around Eleven found a human friend and decided to crawl on her legs for a little bit before she went to exploring other places. She came up to everyone and immediately got their attention.

People have said Eleven is misbehaving, has a lot of energy, and demands to play all the time.

The little black and white kitten has started liking exploring and inspecting every place she visits, and she doesn’t take no for an answer.

When she went to a store and had the chance to do so, she walked straight in as if she owned the place. She didn’t seem to be waiting for anyone’s approval or even looking for it.

Eleven received treatment for gastric problems. Marie, a volunteer at the shelter, agreed to foster her once she recovered. Eleven, according to her, is a brave cat. For example, she claims that most cats are afraid of visiting the veterinarian, but Eleven adores the clinic and everyone who works there.

Marie says that if you happen to have a toy in your hand, Eleven won’t think twice about taking it away from you to play with it. She wants to be the center of the world and isn’t afraid to show it.

Eleven has a habit of taking everything she comes into contact with. She is as confident in herself as a tiny diva, and she isn’t afraid of anything. She also likes having humans pay attention to her.

Eleven will soon have a boyfriend kitty in her life, according to the rescue team. She’ll finally have someone with whom she can spend the entire day.

The clinic claims that Eleven is a special kitten as even though she had been out there all alone and abandoned, she acts like there is no danger in this world.

We’re overjoyed that Eleven’s life has flipped around from being a homeless cat banging on someone’s door to having her permanent home and the opportunity to show the world who she actually is—an attention seeker.

Credit: Chatons Orphelins Montréal

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