An Unwanted Cat Becomes This Young Boy s Protector Following Him Everywhere

Larry, a ginger cat, was discarded by his owners. However, when he met a little kid called Abel in his new home, he quickly became his guardian and greatest friend.

“I always wanted a ginger cat, so when my friend’s vet decided to get rid of 2-year-old Larry after sneaking into their closet, I did not hesitate to take it home,” said Abel’s mother, Michel. “Everyone has always told me how wonderful ginger cats are, and he was.”

“From the moment Abel entered the house, Larry was fascinated by him. Larry was the recipient of many of Abel’s earliest grins and laughs. Abel’s first word was “yarri” when he was 9 months old. Larry rushes to the baby’s side to console him when he screams. As he travels from one room to the next, Abel makes sure the cat is by his side. I never knew a cat could or would put up with as much as Larry does.

We’ve had a number of excellent cats, but this one is truly uniqu

Credit: Michelle @maluotto

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