An Elderly cat Visits A Neighbor In Desperation After Her Family Has Shut Her Out

A cat’s love for their family is great, and all they ask in return is to be cared for in their most vulnerable periods, such as old age. Unfortunately, this is not always the case; but, life will always bring them fresh hope, as occurred to Trixie, a 15-year-old kitty, and her neighbors Denah and Addie.

Addie, a cat-obsessed German Shepherd, had long admired Trixie, the Abyssinian cat that resided down the street behind her house. Trixie was an indoor cat who Denah’s dog adored and spent years watching through a window.

Last Monday, Denah was shocked to learn that Trixie was found wandering outside alone. Her next-door neighbor recognized the cat and returned her to the owner.

The next day, at dawn, Denah was walking her dog when Addie alerted her to something under a car. It was Trixie again. Denah called out to her and the feline moved closer, even with Addie, crying and looking to be with her.

The elder cat’s owner had put her outside, indicating that he didn’t want to know anything further about her. Trixie was taken to Denah’s garage where she was given food and water. The cat was hungry, yet she appeared to be worried. She dashed away after finishing the dinner.

The kitten had no means to defend herself in the streets as she lacked teeth and claws due to her age.

Denah turned to her local rescue, Friends for Life Rescue Network (in Southern California), for assistance. They were able to reach the owner, who agreed to sign Trixie up for ransom right away. Denah took the adorable kitty to the vet for a checkup.

They found that the older cat didn’t have many teeth left and it didn’t have claws, so it couldn’t fend for itself outdoors. Despite being a bit nervous at the vet, she was purring with Denah at her side, reassuring her that she was safe.

Denah also noticed Trixie wasn’t supporting her weight on one of her legs and took a closer look at her. In the end, it was discovered that the adorable kitten had been carrying a bite injury caused by another animal.

The cat is recuperating nicely and can now relax as a result of the prompt rescue. Trixie settled down next to her hero after a substantial and nutritious dinner and purred for many minutes in appreciation.

She quickly settled into her new room and felt very comfortable being a house cat again. This was just the beginning of her new life.

Don’t be fooled by her expression, deep down she’s full of love to give.

Credit: Friends for Life Rescue Network

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