A Kitten Born Without A Tail And Who Hops Like A Bunny Is Given The Home Of His Dreams

A family in North Carolina, United States, found a homeless cat on their doorstep and chose to take her in. When the kitty was accepted to the house, she went into labor, so the family put up a safe haven for her and her kids.

One of the kittens was born looking like a Manx cat, which means it was born without a tail and with abnormalities at the rear of its spine. The other kittens were well, and the family had already found their adoptive homes, but the tiny one without a tail required particular care to improve his quality of life.

After the kittens were weaned, the family contacted Sparkle Cat Rescue for help with the little feline.

Stephanie Grantham, the shelter’s co-founder, stated:

“Manx kittens have rear-end issues due to vertebral deformity; strengthening the hind legs is vital in their growth.”

When Thumper arrived at the shelter, he began to get the care he required to attempt to attain normal growth. Thumper is given many hot baths, as well as adequate medical care to aid in his healing and prevention of a variety of infections, as well as exercise rehabilitation.

With the exercise, the kitten without a tail learned to perform a rather curious trick, the feline learned to jump with its hind legs like a rabbit.

Stephanie commented:

“He didn’t want to use his hind legs, to work on it I made him jump in and out of a small box so he would have to use his hind legs.”

Despite this, Thumper is usually cheerful; he is a fantastic climber and likes bouncing around the room chasing objects. He’s a nice cat who has no idea he has a problem; all he wants to do is pet his human companion and sleep on his lap.

Every time he is caressed, he starts his purr motor and embraces the person’s face; he adores everyone he meets. Simply said, Thumper is a cuddly baby who simply wants to find a home.

Fortunately, a kind-hearted family saw Thumper’s tale on social media and fell head over heels in love with the kitten. The family had two Manx cats as pets, so they understood precisely what the loving kitty needs to have a normal existence.

So the family decided to apply for adoption in order to keep young Thumper and give him the life he deserves.

Stephanie continued, saying:

“Your request brought tears to my eyes; the amount of effort and love you’ve spent into your creatures is incredible, and I knew Thumper was the ideal match.”


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