A Guy Dug Through The Trash For Seven Hours To Save Discarded Kittens

Cliff, a Springfield homeowner, did not hesitate when he heard a faint meow from a huge trash, but instead rolled up his sleeves and began digging the kittens out from beneath the construction debris heaped on them.

Cliff realized he had to act swiftly after hearing a cat cry behind a mound of heavy wood pieces in a huge garbage.

Dismantling hefty planks, he soon understood that the kitty was not alone, and he got to work with a passion.

Cliff recalls, “someone threw the kittens into a garbage and placed large pieces of wood on top.” Despite the fact that it took him seven hours to execute the rescue, the man did not give up.

As a consequence, Cliff was able to extract six kittens from the container. One of them did not survive the test, but the others were still alive and screaming.

The kittens are being cared for by the Springfield organization Watching Over Whiskers.

The recovered creatures were discovered to be quite young, with their eyes having just recently opened. They need care and attention 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Enthusiasts at the cat shelter set them up with all they needed.

The kids even had a foster mother in the form of Roxy, a cat who had been rescued from the streets and was residing at a shelter.

The rescued kittens are doing well now.

They are content in their temporary residence…

… and they, like the other rescued animals, are searching for new homes.

Credit: Watching Over Whiskers

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