in Search of Food A Stray Pregnant Cat Knocks On The Door Of A Family Home

Finn noticed something moving in her yard one day. It was a small kitten who had somehow found its way in and enjoyed the way it looked.

Finn and her fiancé live in the country, so they have no idea where the cat came from.

So they started leaving food for her on their porch and named her Charlie. She was very skittish and wary of a human company but they kept their distance until she became used to them.

After a while they noticed a small bulge on her belly – it was obvious that she was pregnant. Both agreed that it was up to them to make sure that Charlie stayed healthy and had enough food.

She got more comfortable with the pair as her pregnancy advanced, realizing that they were both there to aid her.

When it was time to be fed, she had a charming habit of scaling up the screen door — very sweet!

The nights were getting colder as winter approached, but Charlie was still hesitant to enter the home.

Finn came up with the idea of put out a heat light for her, which she adored. It had become her new favourite place.

Everything was well until Charlie vanished; she had gone out to locate a place to give birth to her children. However, she returned to the porch a few days later in search of her meal.

Finn peered out the window at Charlie after she finished her meal to see where she was going. They didn’t have to be concerned since Charlie had decided that the safest spot for her babies was beneath their porch.

The kittens arrived with the arrival of spring!

All three cats were really cute: two tabbies, like their mother, and one black and white.

Finn and her fiancee felt very privileged, Charlie had decided it was time for them all to meet.

Watch the video to see what happened:

Credit: Finn

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