A veterinarian Finds A Little Kitten Abandoned In The Bush And Saves Its Life

When Lemmy was discovered in the bushes outside a veterinarian facility in Oceanside, California, she was just a little kitten. Bre, one of the vet professionals, stumbled upon the cat and was immediately taken aback by her state. Her fur was matted and both of her eyes were seriously inflamed. Bre thought that she had been abandoned in the woods by someone who had cruelly left her there to fend for herself.

Lemmy has been whisked away to the veterinarian’s office and given prompt medical assistance. The team shaved her down to remove all of her matted fur and began treating her for ringworms. They then inspected her eyes and discovered that one of them was so badly damaged that they had no alternative but to remove it.

She had an infection that had gone undiagnosed for much too long; if it had been treated sooner, the unfortunate kitten would not have lost her eye in the first place.

Despite all the pain and discomfort, she was in, Lemmy purred and snuggled up against her rescuers as they treated and cleaned her, so happy to finally have people caring for her. Bre is an avid kitten foster mom, so she took Lemmy in as a foster, and helped nurse her back to health after her eye surgery and as she recovered from her traumatic start to life.

Lemmy was a loving, active kitten from the beginning, and her foster mom fell in love with her large personality and gorgeous one-eyed face right away. But, before long, Lemmy needed to find her permanent home, so her foster mom started advertising her and received several applications — but, for some reason, Lemmy was adopted twice and returned both times.

Nobody could understand why Lemmy couldn’t seem to find the ideal family, but happily, the best family had been watching her trip and was gradually growing in love with her.


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