A Drab Little Kitten Grew Into A Stunning Feline And Met The Family Of His Dreams

The little kitten was sent to the Central Florida Foster Kittens for specialized care late last year. The black and white infant was nine weeks old but resembled a 2.5-3 week old. Daniela, a volunteer who deals with animals in the region, took him in.

“He doesn’t have a tail (Manx Syndrome), but he has beautiful peach fluff. “His ears are almost as big as his head, and he’s approximately a quarter smaller than his contemporaries,” Daniela writes.

A kitten named Sibi was stunted – some health problems prevented him from developing for quite some time. He could easily fit in a coffee cup – an extraordinary miniature for his age. For the first two weeks in foster care, Sibi also did not grow, because his small body did not absorb nutrients from food.

While continuing to give the kitten nutritional supplements and medicines, Daniela selected high-quality food for him, ideally suited to the cub’s body. “There is a lot of uncertainty in the case of this sweet and kind boy, and my first priority is to take care of his health and growing up,” commented Daniela.

Medical tests revealed a serious gastrointestinal infection that explains many of the kitten’s illnesses. “He’s not getting any nutrients from food because his little body is just overloaded.”

Meanwhile, the black and white youngster managed to enjoy every moment of his existence. “He prefers to cling to my shoulder or arm the most. He purrs so loudly that he flips over from the vibrations, which is hilarious to behold.

The tiny stoic eventually achieved the 450g milestone after 36 days, thanks to the efforts of a rescue team and the use of numerous treatments, nutritional supplements, and nutritional studies.

“This scenario showed me that you can move mountains by uniting the entire planet,” Daniela adds.

Credit: Dannielle at Central Florida Foster Kittens

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